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Inca Trail Trek

The Inca Trail is a complete network of interconnecting roads linked throughout Peru, Ecuador, southern Columbia & even northern Chile. Today the area that surrounds the once Inca capital of Cuzco and its mystical site of Machu Picchu has become the most famous and popular trek in South America due to the variety of attractions it offers.

The trail route lies within the Machu Picchu Historical Sanctuary, which was created by the government in 1981 to protect the natural beauty and the archaeological sites of this extraordinary area. This spectacular trail runs from high mountains down to cloud forest, passing through a number of diverse ecological zones filled with an enormous variety of plants and birdlife. The route is also studded with archaeological sites which lead the visitor to the lost city of the Incas; Machu Picchu.

Our award winning treks are led by our hand picked bi-lingual local guides, porters and cook whom join you to manage the trip while you enjoy the beauty of the fauna and the seldom viewed archaeological ruins of the Inca. The hike is not complete until you arrive into Machu Picchu where your guide will explain the history and myths that surround this archaeological wonder. To top the experience of a lifetime off, we recommend that you overnight at or near Machu Picchu.

We provide ALL the needed gear to make this trek enjoyable and memorable for you. This is one of the best all around trips for the outdoors person wanting to enjoy the history and beauty all in a comfortable campsite setting!

Private & group departures available daily.

Tour Name Days Price From
Inca Trail K.104 2 $589
BRONZE Class Inca Trail K.82 4 $759
SILVER Class Inca Trail K.82 4 $859
GOLD Class Inca Trail K.82 5 $1099
PLATINUM Class Inca Trail K.82 ( incl. Massage Therapist ) 5 $1439
  • Permits for Inca Trail ($100.00 US )are not included in rates noted.
    The total amount of personal gear carried by the porters can not exceed: 8 kilos or 17.6 lbs. which includes clothing & sleeping bag. Any excess weight above the personal porters allowed weights you will be responsible to carry. Please only bring minimal clothing & personal items that are necessary for the trek.

  • Availability on the Inca Trail is regulated by the Peru government to 500 permits per day. These permits sell out months in advance. To check availability feel free to call from USA - 1-888-246-7378 // international 001-281-528-7378 or contact us by email.)

  • To discuss & design your special trip call: 1-888-2-GO-PERU ( 246-7378 ) or e mail us at e-mail
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